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General Questions
Q : Which flights are available for online booking?
A : Online booking is available on flights out of most cities in the Garuda Indonesia network, currently is only limited for flights out from Singapore.
Q : Fares of each and every flight may be different. Why is that so?
A : Only flights with seats available in the selected travel class are displayed. Some flights may not have seats in the travel class you have selected, or, certain classes could be sold out. Flight availability changes dynamically as seats are purchased or cancelled by passengers.
Flights on Other Airlines / Code-share Flights
Q : What is a codeshare flight?
A : A codeshare flight is a flight that is marketed by one carrier and operated by another. Garuda Indonesia is able to offer codeshare flights to our customers as a result of agreements made with our partner airlines to offer seats on their flights.
Q : How do I identify a codeshare flight?
A : Code-share flight numbers normally range from GA9000-GA9999.
Q : Why am I being offered flights on other airlines?
A : Garuda Indonesia has agreements with other airlines allowing us to offer their flights to our customers. When that happens, it is termed as code-share flights. Interline booking allows Garuda Indonesia to offer flights to more cities which we do not fly to, and provide more flight options to our customers.
Q : Which partner airlines do you support in your interline bookings?
A : We do not exclude any airlines from our codeshare bookings. However, we take into consideration connection times between our flights and the partner airlines when providing flight options to our customers. We may also take into account agreements with partner airlines, which allow us to offer more competitive fares to our customers.
Q : Can I check on flight schedules for other airlines?
A : We are only able to provide flight schedules for Garuda Indonesia, codeshare, or marketing agreement flights. Please contact the other airlines directly if you require their flight schedule information.
Third Party Booking
Q : Can I make a booking for my friend/relative even if I am not part of the travelling party?
A : Yes. Firstly, you will need to indicate that the paying party is not travelling on the booking. Secondly, as the paying party, you will need to sign and present the Letter of Indemnity (LOI) along with your payment card and photo identity for verification at Garuda Ticketing office.
Q : What is a letter of indemnity (L.O.I.)?
A : The Letter of Indemnity is a form for you to authorize payment for the booking made on behalf of a third party. This protects you by seeking your consent for the transaction, given that you are not part of the travelling party.
Q : Why am I required to sign a Letter of Indemnity (L.O.I.)?
A : The Letter of Indemnity is a necessary check to prevent misuse of your payment card from an unauthorized user, and to safeguard your interests. It is a document that formalises your acknowledgement of the travellers under your booking. The letter will prevent any abuse of your credit card, as it requires you as the owner of the payment card to be present to authenticate the transaction at the city ticket office or the airport.
Q : What happens if I do not submit the LOI?
A : If the LOI is not submitted, the passenger will not be allowed to check-in for his/her flight.
Q : Where can I submit my Letter of Indemnity document?
A : You may submit the LOI at Garuda Indonesia Ticketing Offices only (excluding check-in counters at the airport). Please bring along the payment card used for the purchase, along with a photo identification document for verification.
Q : Can I sign the form and fax it over to you instead of me going down to the city/airport office?
A : To safeguard both your and Garuda Indonesia (Singapore)’s interests, our Customer Service Agents need to authenticate you as the paying party by matching the signature on your payment card with the signature of the LOI. Hence, submission of the LOI by fax or email is not allowed.
Q : When I collect the Electronic Tickets or paper tickets (for travel to stations that do not accept Electronic Tickets), does the traveller need to be present?
A : If you opt for Ticket collection in our ticketing office, there is no need for the traveller to accompany you. You will however need to bring the Letter of Indemnity, your credit card and a photo identity for our reference in order to get the ticket issued. If you opt for ticket on Departure, you will need to collect the tickets a minimum of 2 hours before departure at the airport.
Q : What happens if the person(s) I have purchased the tickets for, does not travel?
A : The refund procedures are the same as the existing processes. You will still be liable for cancellation fees and/or any related charges for the ticket.
Multicity Bookings
Q : I need to make a stopover. How can I do this?
A : A stopover is a break in the journey for more than 24 hours on one of the cities that you pass through on your itinerary. Stopover/Multi-city booking could not be done online. You could contact our reservation hotline at 62502888 or email sin-reservati[email protected]
Q : Can I return from a different city of my original destination?
A : Yes, you can return from a different city of your original destination provided it is at the same country. For example you can choose to travel from Singapore to Bali and return from Jakarta to Singapore. This is known as “open-jaw booking.” However, you have to contact our reservation hotline at 62502888 or email [email protected] to do such booking. Please make your own travel arrangements (either by land, sea, or another airline) for the uncovered sector.
Q : I am traveling with Infants, can I make booking with infants on
A : In the passengers’ details field, please indicate that you have infant, and fill up the infant details: Name as per passport and Date of Birth. Our customer service officer will do the reservation for you and inform the fares. Infant is charged 10% of the adult normal fares.
Q : What is the maximum number of Infants that can be booked online?
A : Each infant must travel with a separate adult. Hence number of infant travelers cannot be more than the adult travelers that are allowed in one booking. Infants are not permitted to travel with unaccompanied minors, minors, and children.
Q : Will Infants get a Bassinet? What if bassinets are not available, can I still travel with infants?
A : Infants, up to 2 years old, are not required to have their own seats. The bassinets used are 769 L x 299 W x 200 H (mm) in dimension and can support a maximum weight of 14 kg. In USA, the dimension used are 30.76 L x 11.96 W x 8 H (inches)and weight of 30.8 lbs. Infants who do not fit the bassinet size will travel on the lap of accompanied adult passengers. Only one lap infant is allowed per adult.
Q : I am accompanying the infant, will I get a Bassinet Seat?
A : Each bassinet point is attached to a bassinet seat. If your infant gets a bassinet then the adult accompanying the infant will also get a bassinet seat. Bassinet Seats are usually ‘bulkhead seats’ and come with an extra legroom. If bassinet seats are not available then passenger will be given a choice to select other seats.
Q : Do I need to take special care of Infants during take-off, landing, and in the air?
A : During take off and landing, bassinets will remain closed. You will have to carry the Infant on your lap. Your baby may cry on take off and landing because of air pressure in the ears as cabin pressure adjusts to the altitude. This is normal. By giving your baby a bottle or breastfeeding at this time, you will help to ease the pressure in his or her ears. We also suggest that you take your own infant meals and snacks if your baby has a special meal requirement.
Q : What is the Baggage Allowance for the infants?
A : Please refer to check baggage allowance section.
Special Requirements ( Preferred Seats, Special Meal Request, Wheel Chair )
Q : How can I book my special requirements, such as special meals, baby bassinet, preferred seats, wheel chair, etc?
A : Please indicate in the REMARKS box in the Final Review page after you have finished your booking. Indicate your special requirements, our customer service officer will contact and reconfirm with you when you make your payment.
Fares & Taxes
Q : What is a child fare?
A : This is a special fare that applies to children between the ages of 2 through 11 on the date of departure. Hence a booking made before a child's 12th birthday for departure on or after this day will no longer be eligible for the child fares. In most cases, children are usually charged at 75% of the applicable adult fare. However, for some special promotional fares, child fare may be equal to adult fares.
Q : What taxes or auxiliary travel charges do I need to pay?
A : Airport and auxiliary travel charges apply to all tickets. They are set by government authorities or airport operators at arrival and departure points. These taxes and auxiliary charges may be included in the fares or shown separately. For travelling to Indonesia, international airport tax from Indonesia is not included and payable upon check-in.
Q : What are published/normal fares?
A : Published fares, also known as normal fares, are fares that have minimal or no restrictions on travel dates, minimum and maximum stays, and so on. Due to the flexibility of such fares, they are usually priced higher than the fares normally offered and advertised. Such advertised fares have their own restrictions and are thus less flexible and priced lower than published fares.
Q : Why are there no special Internet fares for my itinerary?
A : Internet fares can be found on popular itineraries and promotional routes. There may be several reasons why you are unable to obtain a special Internet fare for your itinerary :
  • No special Internet fare has been filed for that itinerary
  • Seats for special Internet fares have been sold out
  • The travel date is not within the duration specified for promotional fares
Q : I am not asked for any payment details. How can I pay for my reservation?
A : Currently, our website only serves online booking engine. To secure your seat we will send you a confirmation details to your email. Our customer service officer will contact you to ask for your payment details. Your credit/debit card will need to be presented during check-in or ticket collection for purpose of verification.
Q : Are my payment details secure when making an online booking?
A : We use industry standard secure encryption software called SSL (Secure Socket Layer). SSL works by encrypting all communications between your computer and the Garuda Indonesia web server so the information (including your credit card number, name and address) cannot be intercepted by unwanted parties. To ensure the highest standard of security, Garuda Indonesia will only allow bookings to be made when passengers use browsers that support SSL.
Q : Which ticketing methods are available?
A : We issue Electronic Ticket (ET) for all the booking made on For each booking, you will be required to show your credit card used for purchase at the airport or city ticket office. Do note that if the credit card is not produced for verification, Garuda Indonesia reserves the right to deny the ticket holder(s) from boarding.
Q : What should I do if I lose the credit/debit card used to purchase my ticket and this is needed for check-in?
A : Please go to Garuda Indonesia Ticketing office to purchase a new ticket and refund the old ticket.
Q : What should I do if my bank has issued me a new credit/debit card to replace the one used to purchase my ticket?
A : Please go to Garuda Indonesia Ticketing office to purchase a new ticket and refund the old ticket.
Q : What should I do if I terminate the credit/debit card that I used to purchase my ticket?
A : Before you terminate, please bring your credit/debit card to Garuda Indonesia Ticketing office to have it verified. You will then no longer be required to present your credit/debit card during check-in.
Q : What should I do if my credit/debit card expires before I commence my travel?
A : Before your credit card expires, please bring your credit card to Garuda Indonesia Ticketing office to have it verified. You will then no longer be required to present your credit card during check-in.
Changing Your Itinerary, Refund & Cancellation
Q : I have paid for my ticket, but now I need to change my itinerary. How can I do that?
A : You may contact our reservation hotline to change your itinerary. However, rebooking fee may apply for changes made on promotional or special fare, depending on the ticketing conditions or if you required extension of ticket validity.
Q : How could I get refund of my ticket if I am unable to travel?
A : For normal/published fares, you may get refund for your unused ticket, however refund administration fee will apply. For promotional fares, the tickets are non-refundable.
Q : Why am I charged a refund administration fee?
A : Refund administration fees are imposed for certain itineraries due to the administrative processes that have to take place after cancellation. This is also to dissuade users from abusing the online booking system as they may deprive genuine customers from getting their desired seat and flight availability. We apologize for any inconvenience and misunderstanding that this may cause.
Baggage Allowance
Q : What is the allowance of checked baggage?
A : Weight allowance for checked baggage are as follows :
- First Class: 50 kg
- Business Class: 40 kg
- Economy Class: 30 kg
- Infant is entitled for 10kg baggage allowance.
Q : How about cabin luggage?
A : Business class: 2 piece cabin luggage with maximum weight of 7kg per piece or maximum size not exceeding 115cm (sum of height, width and length).

Economy class: 1 piece cabin luggage maximum weight of 7kg or maximum size not exceeding 115cm (sum of height, width and length).

There is a weight restriction on the carriage of infant supplies, as follows :
- When a carry-cot is used, the total weight of napkins, feeding bottles, food, and the carrycot should not exceed 12 kg (26 lb).
- When a carry-cot is not used, the total weight of napkins, feeding bottles, and food should not exceed 6 kg (13 lb).
Technical Support
Q : I didn't receive a booking confirmation after payment. Was my Internet booking successful?
A : If you do not receive the booking confirmation page for your online purchases, you can contact our Garuda Indonesia reservations offices and quote your name, flight number, and date of travel. They will be able to advise the status of your booking as well. Please find the contact details on the 'Contact Us' page.

If you wish to contact us regarding technical enquiries, please email us at : [email protected]
Connection / Session Difficulties
Q : Why do I see a blank page when I go to to make a booking?
A : It could be a problem with your browser. You may wish to upgrade your browser to the latest version of Internet Explorer from the Microsoft website. If this still doesn't resolve the problem, you may wish to approach your Internet service provider or Internet technology support personnel with the information we have provided for further assistance.
Q : What is a session timeout?
A : Once you begin making an Internet booking, there is a 20 minute time limit established for each page in the booking sequence. If you do not complete the page within the time limit, you will be required to start the booking process over. You also want to check that you have enabled cookies in your browser.
Q : How do I reach Garuda Indonesia technical support?
A : If you persistently encounter difficulties accessing our site, do send us your enquiry from the 'Contact Us' page and we will attempt to help. In some cases, assistance from your Internet Service Provider, PC vendor or network/LAN administrator may be required.
Q : What is encryption? How is it used to protect my information?
A : Encryption is a method of scrambling your information to protect its security during transmission across the Internet. Encryption protects your information against disclosure to third parties. Our website employs the 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL), which is one of the strongest encryption technologies. All confidential online sessions between you and Garuda Indonesia are protected up to a 128-bit encryption level.
Q : What does 128-bit encryption do for me?
A : 128-bit encryption is a more secured standard for protection of your information than the conventional 40-bit encryption included with the previous generation of browsers. This way it enhances the security of the information that is being transmitted between yourself and Garuda Indonesia’s systems.
Q : How can I tell whether my browser supports 128-bit encryption?
A : To test your browser's encryption level, follow the instructions below. If you do not have 128-bit encryption, you will need to upgrade your browser so that you can fully enjoy the benefits of our site.

If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.x or higher :
  1. Select 'Help' from the Internet Explorer menu bar.
  2. Select 'About Internet Explorer' from the drop-down menu.
  3. The 'About Internet Explorer' dialog box will provide information on your browser version and encryption level.
Q : How do I upgrade my browser and browser encryption?
A : Residents of U.S and Canada have 128-bit installed as default on their browsers. Residents of other countries can now obtain a 128-bit upgrade from their browser vendor, usually at no charge. Step-by-step instructions for how to do this appear on your browser vendor's download page.

To upgrade your Microsoft Internet Explorer browser or browser encryption, visit the Microsoft website.
Q : What are the system and browser requirements for the website?
A : We recommend the following requirements or a similarly configured machine to experience the full functionality of the website.

Windows users :
  • Windows 2000, Windows XP and Window Vista.
  • Internet Explorer 6 & Internet Explorer 7. The latest version of the browser can be downloaded from the Microsoft website.
  • Mozilla FireFox 3.
  • Safari 3

Mac Users:
  • Mac OS 10.5
  • Mozilla FireFox 3 -- There is a known limitation that PDFs cannot be displayed in FireFox with Mac, so the 2D Boarding Pass (2DBP) under Internet Check-In cannot be displayed. Please use other browsers to display and save your 2DBP.
  • Safari 3.0
  1. Click on Safari --> Preferences
  2. Click on Advanced
  3. Click on Change Settings
  4. Select WebProxy & Secure WebProxy
  5. update the WebProxy Server Name & Secure WebProxy Server Name & Port Number, Username & Password if applicable.

NOTE : However, all other browsers are not supported by the website. Should a new version of a supported browser be available, we will review the website configurations to support it.

What display setting should I use for this website?
Our website is optimised for viewing at a screen resolution of 800 x 600 pixels.

How do I check my browser version?
To check your version of Microsoft Internet Explorer :
  1. Start your browser.
  2. Select 'Help: About Internet Explorer' from the menu bar.

To check your version of Mozilla Firefox :
  1. Start your browser.
  2. Select 'Help: About Mozilla Firefox' from the menu bar.

To check your version of Safari :
  1. Start your browser.
  2. Select 'Safari: About Safari' from the menu bar.
Q : How do I activate Java and JavaScript?
A : For Internet Explorer version 6 or above :
  1. Click 'Tools'
  2. Follow by 'Internet Options...'
  3. Select the 'Security' Tab
  4. Click on 'Custom Level...' scroll down to 'Scripting' and ensure that 'Active scripting' and
    'Allow paste operations via script' are both enabled.
  5. Click on 'OK'

For Mozilla Firefox 2 and above :
  1. Open the Tools Menu and choose options.
  2. Select Content
  3. Click on “Enable Java” & “Enable Javascript”

For Safari :
  1. From Safari select Preferences
  2. Under Security tick the check box to activate :
    Enable plug-ins
    Enable Java
    Enable JavaScript
  3. Close this window

Enabling Cookies
How do I unblock Cookies?

For Internet Explorer version 6 or above :
  1. Click 'Tools'
  2. Follow by 'Internet Options...'
  3. Select the ‘Privacy Tab’
  4. Verify the slider to see where it is. If it is at ‘Block All Cookies’
  5. Move it down to ‘High’ or ‘Medium High’
  6. Alternatively can click on Sites.. above and then
  7. Add the ‘’ as Always Allow in Per Site Privacy Actions.
  8. Another alternative is click on the Advanced.. and
  9. Set the ‘Override automatic cookie handling’ & ‘Always allow session cookies’

For Mozilla Firefox 2 and above :
  1. Open the Tools Menu and choose options.
  2. Select Privacy
  3. Select Cookies Tab
  4. Click on the check box “Allow Sites to set Cookies”.
  5. Click ok.

For Safari :
  1. From the Safari menu, click Preferences
  2. From the Security tab, under Accept Cookies, click to select Always
  3. Click Close