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Fleet Revitalization
The fleet revitalization of Garuda Indonesia is meant to renew aging assets to modern standards as one of the key initiatives to capitalize on continued growth in the aviation market.

We have an ongoing program of fleet expansion, acquiring new and more aircrafts in order to capitalize on growth opportunities in the different market segments that it served. At the same time, Garuda Indonesia also strives to simplify and rejuvenate its fleet in order to improve service quality as well as benefit from more efficient aircraft operational costs.

The types of aircraft in use will be standardized to Boeing B737-800NG and Bombardier CRJ1000NextGen for short-haul and regional routes, Airbus A330-200/300 for medium-haul routes, Boeing B777-300ER for long-haul routes, and Airbus A320-200 for Citilink.
Boeing 777 – 300ER
Number of aircraft 4
Length 73.9m
Wingspan 64.8m
Range 13,520km
First/Executive/Economy 8/38/268
Cockpit/Cabin 2/17
Maximum speed 1,090 kph
Boeing 747 – 400
Number of aircraft 2
Length 70.6m
Wingspan 64.4m
Range 14,180km
Executive/Economy 42/386
Cockpit/Cabin 2/16
Maximum speed 990 kph
AIRBUS A330-300
Number of aircraft 7
Length 63.69m
Wingspan 60.3m
Range 10,800km
Executive/Economy 42/215
Cockpit/Cabin 2/15
Maximum speed 913 kph
AIRBUS A330-200
Number of aircraft 11
Length 58.82m
Wingspan 60.3m
Range 13,400km
Executive/Economy 36/186
Cockpit/Cabin 2/11
Maximum speed 913 kph
BOEING 737-800 NG
Number of aircraft 65
Length 39.5m
Wingspan 34.3m
Range 5,425km
Executive/Economy 12/144
Cockpit/Cabin 2/6
Maximum speed 853 kph
BOEING 737-300
Number of aircraft 3
Length 33.4m
Wingspan 31.1m
Range 3,515km
Executive/Economy 16/94
Cockpit/Cabin 2/5
Maximum speed 840 kph
BOEING 737-500
Number of aircraft 4
Length 31.01m
Wingspan 28.88m
Range 3,515km
Executive/Economy 12/84
Cockpit/Cabin 2/5
Maximum speed 840 kph
CRJ 1000 NexGen
Number of aircraft 12
Length 39.1m
Wingspan 26.2m
Range 2,491km
Executive/Economy 12/84
Cockpit/Cabin 2/3
Maximum speed 870 kph
ATR 72 600
Number of aircraft 2
Length 27,166m
Wingspan 27.05m
Range 1,648km
Seat Capacity 70
Cockpit/Cabin 2/2
Maximum speed 250 kph