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Service Concept
Garuda Indonesia Experience is a new concept of service designed to allow passengers to experience Indonesia at its best. From the moment they make flight reservation until their arrival at the destination, passengers of Garuda Indonesia are pampered with a sincere and friendly service, the epitome of Indonesian hospitality, as symbolized in our new standard greetings, 'Salam Garuda Indonesia'.

By introducing the concept of Garuda Indonesia Experience, Garuda Indonesia is creating a special brand identity for the company and at the same time promoting Indonesia in the international level. The concept of Garuda Indonesia Experience is based on "5 senses" (sight, sound, scent, taste, and touch) which includes 24 "customer touch points", from pre-journey, pre-flight, in-flight, post flight and post journey services.

Since it was first launched in 2009, Garuda Indonesia Experience has been relying on Indonesian hospitality as its main base. This is in line with the vision of Garuda Indonesia, to become a reliable airline which is offering high quality services to people around the world with Indonesian hospitality in its core. Garuda Indonesia has a special mission, as the flag carrier of Indonesia which promotes Indonesia to the international society. The concept of Indonesian hospitality is applied into several icons designed to delight the five senses. We can see it on the unique Indonesian materials and ornaments used for the interior of the aircraft, the exotic scent of Indonesian flowers, the sound of Indonesian indigenous folk music and the taste of Indonesian traditional food and beverage. During 2009, the company carried out refurbishment program for its old fleet, Boeing 747-400 and Airbus 330-300, by changing the design interior of the aircrafts and adding Audio Video On Demand (AVOD) facilities. These steps are in line with the concept of Garuda Indonesia Experience.

Apart from involving the five senses, the concept of Garuda Indonesia Experience should also includes these basic values: on-time and safe (for product), prompt and precise (for process), clean and comfortable (for premises) and reliable, professional, competent and helpful (for staff). The concept has been widely accepted by the customers of Garuda Indonesia.

Indonesia offers beautiful treats for the visitors, which includes a great variety of Indonesian traditional textiles, tapestry with vivid colors, beautiful patterns and unique textures. These are the sights that will pamper our eyes, bring warmth to our hearts and inspire our soul.

The new design on the interior cabin of Garuda Indonesia combines natural colors and traditional motifs of Indonesia, which reflects the visual beauty of the country, combined with the convenience of modern in-flight entertainment on the aircraft. All of these are designed to formulate a new whole new flight experience for our passengers.

Inspired by the Rich Textile Tradition of Indonesia
The new uniform for female flight attendants is a modified kebaya, inspired by the traditional batik motif of Parang Gondosuli which has a philosophical value of 'distinguished light in life' and creates a sophisticated and elegant look. The motif is called Lereng Garuda Indonesia. The uniform has three main colors: Tosca green for a fresh and tropical look; orange for a warm, friendly and dynamic impression; and blue which represents reliability, trust, timeless, and serenity.

Meanwhile, the new uniform for male flight attendants shows the standard professional business attire comprising grey single-breasted suit jacket over light-blue shirt of combined cotton and polyester, wrinkle-free material. The tie is made of silk with graphic element, pattern and color which reflect the identity of Garuda Indonesia.

Designed by a Team of Experts
Garuda Indonesia has chosen batik as the inspiration and the basic concept for the new uniform. UNESCO has determined batik as the world heritage which represents the traditional culture of Indonesia. Garuda Indonesia continues to showcase this national treasure and introduce the unique culture of Indonesia to the international world.

A team of experts in fashion design and related professions assists Garuda Indonesia in the design process. This include Josephine Werratie Komara aka Obin, a well-known cloth maker; Irma Hardisurya, color and image consultant; Ted Sulistio, architect and interior designer; and also Dianti Poetranto, a former Garuda flight attendant, who provides practical input on the most comfortable clothes for female flight attendants.

The fabric of the new uniform is made of material that is wrinkle-free and comfortable to wear. Aside from a professional look, another important criterion in the design of the new uniform is that it should allow for easy bodily movements by flight attendants especially during evacuation or other emergency processes.

The Harmony of Garuda Indonesia Experience
With the batik motif, the new uniform represents a modern design concept which includes cutting, motif and colors harmoniously aligned with the concept of Garuda Indonesia Experience. The three colors (Tosca green, orange and blue) are chosen based on the unique Indonesian textile tradition, in line with the corporate color scheme of Garuda Indonesia. The color choices also blend harmoniously with the cabin interior colors in Garuda Indonesia’s aircrafts, dominated by terracotta brown, orange and brick-red. Aside from Garuda Indonesia’s flight attendants, the new uniform is now also worn by other front line personnel, such as the ticketing office staff, ground handling crew, and others.

Indonesian traditional music and musical instruments are a reflection of the diverse ethnic groups and cultures peacefully co-existing in the vast archipelago. Enjoying the unique sounds of Indonesian traditional music can be both an entertainment of easy listening as well as a new way to truly experience Indonesia.

A state-of-the-art in-flight entertainment system is available for passengers in Garuda Executive Class and Economy Class. The advanced Audio & Video On Demand (AVOD) system offers rich variety of movies, TV programs, video games, and music, including modern and traditional Indonesian music.

Aromatic flowers and herbs have been used in Indonesia since ancient times, and the tradition continues to live today on modern aromatherapy and spa treatments. Meanwhile, an extensive research is currently being conducted to develop the scents to be used in the passenger cabin onboard. All of these should provide a fresh Indonesian experience for the passengers of Garuda Indonesia.

Typical aromatic fragrance of Garuda Indonesia is exclusively designed for Garuda Indonesia. It is an aromatic blend of essential oils extracted from native Indonesian plants and spices, including clove and nutmeg, to create a refreshing yet soothing aroma.

For centuries, Indonesia has been known as the land of spices and a heaven of tropical fruits. Lying at the crossroad of trading routes since ancient times, Indonesia’s cuisine has also been influenced by a variety of foreign culinary arts, resulting in the exotic and tantalizing Indonesian traditional food.

The unique taste and sensation of Indonesia comes to life onboard in our in-flight meals and refreshments served by friendly flight attendants. Garuda Indonesia is proud of its signature food and beverage, such as nasi kuning (yellow rice) and the Martebe Juice (made of yellow-flesh passion fruit and Dutch eggplant).

Indonesia is also known for its hospitality, the trait which has been capturing the hearts of many, making the country one of world’s most favorite destinations. Many of its traditional dances of greetings are a reflection of the warm welcoming gesture and a touch of the famous Indonesian hospitality.

Garuda Indonesia Experience is a new concept of service designed to allow passengers to experience Indonesia at its best. From the moment they make flight reservation until their arrival at the destination, passengers of Garuda Indonesia are pampered with a sincere and friendly service, the epitome of Indonesian hospitality, as symbolized in our new standard greetings, 'Salam Garuda Indonesia'.