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Travel Tips

As we tirelessly deliver the best service for our passengers, planning a journey with Garuda expands your preference on how you would like to indulge yourself while flying. Free your travelling experience from all the unnecessary fuss. Enjoy yourself while we take you anywhere you wish to go.

Plan the Trip

  • Share your enjoyment to the fullest by planning and reserving the journey in advance
  • Choose the most flexible ticket price to enable you to change your reservation.
  • Pack your personal belonging sufficiently.
  • Please ensure that you have sufficient travel documents :
    • Passport validity for at least 6 months from the date of entire trip
    • Visa requirements : Blank page in the passport if visa on arrival is required
    • For Indonesian residing in Singapore/overseas,please ensure that you have your overseas address stamped at the last page of your passport.


  • Internet / mobile check-in is available from 24hours up to 4 hours prior to flight departure.
    For internet check-in, log on to
    And mobile check-in,log on to
  • Be at the airport at least 2 (two) hours before scheduled flight. Check-in counter will be opened 2 hours before departure and closed 45 minutes before departure and passengers must be at the boarding hall 20 minutes before departure.
  • Garuda Indonesia is located at Changi Airport Terminal 3, Row 5 in Singapore instead of Row 1
  • At Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Garuda Indonesia flight counters are located at Terminal II/E for International Destination and Terminal 3 for Domestic Destination.

Baggage Information

Baggage means such articles, effect and other personal property of a customer as are necessary or appropriate for wear, use, comfort or convenience in connection with the trip. Unless otherwise specified, it includes both checked and unchecked baggage of the customer. Articles such as medicine, money, jewelry, negotiable paper, securities, valuable and documents shall not be included in checked baggage, but should be carried by customer at all times. We recommend that you pack your belongings in proper suitcases to avoid damage to your luggage or its contents during its transportation. All Baggage (Checked / Unchecked Baggage) must be X-rayed We remind you to attach an English nametag, address and telephone number will be helpful for identification in case your baggage lost during transportation. Garuda Indonesia offers you blank nametag free of charge in all check-in counters.

General Baggage Rules

Baggage admitted for carriage as passenger’s baggage may only contain such articles, effects or other property of passengers as are necessary for wear, use comfort, or convenience, in connection with the trip. Carriers have the right (except for diplomatic bags) but not the obligation to verify, in the presence of the passengers, the contents of their baggage.

Categories of Baggage

  • Checked Baggage
    Checked baggage (also called registered baggage) comprises articles that are weighed and carried in the baggage or cargo compartment of the aircraft. They are not accessible to the passengers during the flight. These articles are labeled with special baggage tags showing the station of arrival and a serial number. A portion of this tag is attached to the passenger’s ticket for identification purposes only and must as a rule be surrendered at the station of arrival.
  • Unchecked Baggage
    Unchecked baggage is put into the overhead compartment or under the seat, according to interior arrangement of the aircraft cabin. Unchecked baggage comprises of the following two categories :

    • Free carry on items
      Items carried free of charge in the passenger cabin subject to the passengers own supervision and responsibility. These articles are not labeled.
    • Cabin baggage
      Articles carried in the passenger cabin subject to the passenger’s own supervision and responsibility. These articles are labeled. Cabin baggage may only comprise those articles which are suitable to be carried in the passenger cabin.
      One baggage not exceeding 115 linier cm (L56cm + H36cm + W32cm) weight of 7 kg
      Note: Special regulations apply for the transportation of fragile, bulky, valuable and diplomatic baggage in the passenger cabin.
    • Mixed class travel baggage
      For through journeys where the passengers travels partly Business Class and partly Economy Class, the free baggage allowance for each portion of the trip will be that applicable to the class of service for which the fare is paid.

Free Baggage Allowance

Customers on board Garuda Indonesia are entitled to baggage allowance per person as detail below. Passengers with checked baggage exceeding the allowance stated below will be charged for excess baggage. (Please contact GA’s office for details on excess baggage charges)

International Services

Domestic Services

SkyTeam FFP members
SkyTeam Elite and Elite Plus qualify for additional FBA on any SkyTeam member airline operated flight :
1. SkyTeam Elite – extra 10kg
2. SkyTeam Elite Plus – extra 10kg

Incapacitated passengers
Incapacitated passengers may carry free of charge one wheelchair and/or other assisting devices they are dependent upon.

Combined F, C or Y class travel
For through journeys where the passenger travels partly on F class and partly on C or Y class service, the free baggage allowance on each portion of travel shall be that applicable to the service for which the fare is paid; provided further that where a passenger who has paid the F class fare travels on C or Y class service, the free baggage allowance shall be applicable to the F class service. In certain cases, owing to high excess baggage charges, it may be more advantageous to the passenger to travel at the F class fare for the whole journey.

Cabin Baggage

Free carry on items
In addition to the checked baggage allowance, each passenger may carry, without additional charges: Hand baggage suitable for placing in the closed overhead rack or under the passenger’s seat with maximum dimensions specified by the carrier. Provided that such carry on baggage may have a maximum length 56cm (22in.), width 45cm (18in.), depth 25cm (10in.) and the maximum dimensions (the sum of the 3 dimensions of each carry on item) not exceed 115cm (45in.). These dimensions include wheels, handles, side pockets. Fully collapsible wheelchair and/or devices for supporting limbs etc. and other specialized equipment to support incapacitated passenger.

Chargeable carry on items
Any unchecked items in addition to the free carry on items are considered as cabin baggage. They must be weighed or counted towards the free baggage allowance. Carriers shall limit the acceptance of such other articles for carriage in the passenger cabin to conform to security regulations and/or interline limitations. Where an item purports to be one specified in free carry on items, but does not visibly accord with the description set out therein, it shall be weighed and such weight shall be included in the total weight.

Excess Baggage Charges

Domestic Sector
1.5 % from GA Domestic Normal Economy Class Fares (YOWGA)

Combined Domestic / International Sector
Except otherwise detailed in specific routing on paragraph 2.A above, excess baggage rate for combination of domestic and international consisting two or more sectors shall be calculated by using applicable sum local rate. Payment must be made for the whole journey in the airport of first departure by using its Local Selling Currency.

Special Regulation

All Sporting equipment and Musical instrument will be included into the applicable passengers Free Baggage Allowance (FBA) according to their actual fare paid. When the baggage, which includes sporting equipment/musical instrument, are over the passenger FBA, such excess will be assessed at normal applicable excess baggage rates.

Baggage Delivery
Passenger’s comfort during in-flight is our main concern, therefore the responsibility of flying the passenger and reassuring their baggage acceptance is in line with their arrival/departure has been our best interest. Passenger’s baggage delivery shall be attended upon arrival at Soekarno-Hatta Airport at Terminal II/E-F.

To prevent mistaking the baggage, it is advised that each baggage should be labeled specifically (label identification tag) by dismantling the previous label to prevent mistake during the next flight.

Baggage On Arrival

We apologies regarding your baggage has been mishandled of your baggage and will do our best to trace your baggage and deliver to you as soon as possible. Passengers have to report your mishandle baggage immediately to Garuda Indonesia Representative or Handling Agent (Lost & Found Dept) to complete and signed a Property Irregularities Report (PIR) on arrival at destination. We remain you to check again your baggage identification tag number to avoid takes wrong bag before leave the airport.

Delay or Missing Checked Baggage
Whenever a Passenger report delay or missing checked baggage,please complete and signed a Property Irregularities Report (PIR), Missing Baggage Questioner Form and submit to our handling agent (Lost & Found Dept). These documents will help us to trace your delay or missing checked baggage through a Computerized Tracing System. Passenger will be informed by phone any further information. Temporary compensation or First Need Compensation (per passenger) against delay in receiving passenger’s baggage (personal effect) following rules apply:Notes :Temporary compensation also applies for interline passenger, (interline baggage) where Garuda Indonesia is the last carrier or participating in the carriage of the baggage. Temporary compensation is applicable only once on passenger’s journey (not his/her own residential place).

Damaged Checked Baggage
Damage checked baggage should be reported and examined at airport immediately upon arrival to our handling agent (Lost & Found Dept). Our handling agent staff will arrange repairing service and provide you assistance. The process of claim baggage to be finish in 3 days. Garuda Indonesia does not accept claim for damage (to repair and replace) if the baggage tagged with “ Limited Release Tag” and also damage resulting due to over packed or over weight is not covered (own risk)

Pilferage Baggage
Passenger states that there are items missing from a piece or piece of baggage whilst it has been in the possession of the airlines. Pilferage was reported at the time of arrival to our handling agent (Lost & Found Dept).

Tracing Baggage
Passenger should make a report about mishandling baggage immediately at airport of arrival. Our handling agent (Lost & Found Dept) is responsible for tracing your baggage.
We are liaising with our colleagues in other station, to expedite the transfer of your baggage to Jakarta. Rest assured that we would regularly inform you on the status of tracing. If have any query, please do not hesitate to contact us (mishandling baggage covered CGK/JKT area) at the telephone number below:
Changi Airport Lost & Found, Terminal 3
Tel: 65 62475714
Hrs: 08.00 am to 08.00 pm (daily)

Claim Baggage
Baggage claim can be initiated by reported on a Property Irregularities Report (PIR), a written claim, complaint made by telephone or in person, electronically or by fax to Garuda Indonesia Representative or our handling agent. Baggage claim can be delivered to Garuda Indonesia after tracing procedure has done with minimum tracing 5 days.
In the unlikely even that you do not received your baggage by the 6th day, please submit the following documents for processing claim :

  • Claim Letter MBQ (Missing Baggage Questioner) to be completed
  • The Original PIR (Property Irregularity Report) in Pink Color
  • The Copy of your Identity Card (Passport/KTP/SIM)
  • The Original of Passenger Ticket or Copy

Notice of claim
Any right to claim lost or damage baggage must be made within two (2) years of the date of the passenger’s arrival at their destination on the journey for which a claim is made.

  • In case of damage to baggage moving in international transportation complaint must be made in writing to carrier forthwith after discovery of damage and at the latest, within 7 days from receipt; In case of delay, complaint must be made within 21 days from date the baggage was delivered.
  • In case of damage to baggage moving in domestic transportation complaint must be made in writing to carrier forthwith after discovery of damage and at the latest, within 3 days from receipt; In case of delay complaint must be made within 14 days from date the baggage was delivered.

Baggage Liability Limitation
Liability for loss, delay, or damage checked baggage is limited unless higher value is declared in advance and additional charge paid.

  • For most international travel including domestic portion of international journey the liability claim baggage limit to Warsaw Convention Rules, maximum payment is USD 20/kg multiply with the weight of missing baggage or empty baggage for damage.
  • For domestic travel the liability claim baggage limit to Peraturan Pemerintah Republik Indonesia (PPRI) No. 40 tahun 1995, maximum payment is Rp. 100.000/kg multiply with the weight of missing baggage or empty baggage for damage.

Garuda Indonesia is not liable for loss of, damage to or delay in the delivery of fragile or perishable items, keys, artwork, cameras, money, jewellery, precious metals, silverware, medicines, drug, dangerous goods, commercial goods, odd-sized articles, negotiable papers, securities, or other valuables, business documents, passports and other identification documents, or samples, which are included in your Checked Baggage.

Special Assistance

Incapacitated and Unhealthy Passengers

Incapacitated Passengers
A passenger is considered “incapacitated”, when his / her physical condition or medical disorder (including mental illness) requires airline to give them individual attention on (enplaning/deplaning, during flight, in an emergency evacuation, during handling at airports) which is not normally extended to other passengers.

The need for individual help will become apparent when the passenger, family, or doctor makes a request or when abnormal physical or mental conditions are observed and reported by airline staff.

Arrangements for hospitals, ambulance, etc, should be made by the passenger or his physician and only after air travel arrangements have been finalized. Garuda provides special services for incapacitated passenger as bellow :

Wheelchair is especially prepared free of charge for customer on wheel chair. Wheelchairs are available at all stations for embarking/disembarking purposes, whenever requested. They should also be made available within the airport premises before departure, during intermediate stops, after arrival, and while the passenger is awaiting connections to other flights. Passengers who take their own wheelchair with them on the trip, should always be taken to the gate, and where possible to the aircraft in their own wheelchair.

Sick passenger is only allowed to fly after an approval has been given by the Garuda Medical Center ( Garuda Sentra Medika ).
Further information can be obtained Garuda Sentra Medika atJl. Angkasa Blok B-15, Kav. 1 Kemayoran Jakarta Pusat,Telephone 021-4241000 or Fax. 021-4243227, 4240204.

Stretcher case that occupies space equals to 6 seats is prepared for un healthy customer which will be charged 600 % (for domestic sectors) and 500 % (international sector) from Economy Normal Tariff.

Unhealthy Passenger
A customer who is considered unhealthy is a customer who is physically ill. Transportation of ill passengers can be made only when final approval by the Garuda Indonesia’s physician or appointed physician has been given.

  • Clear description of the kinds of illness.
  • Clear description if patient needs oxygen bottle during the flight (on patient expense of US$100 per bottle and US$1,800 as deposit of Oxygen bottle guarantee). Customer may carry his own oxygen bottle which is approved by the appointed hospitals by Garuda or shall officially be provided by Garuda Sentra Medika.
  • Formal statements from sponsorship or hospital where the patient is being treated.
  • Formal Statements from sponsorship or hospital where the patient will be treated.
  • Advise if patient needs ambulance on departure/arrival (on patient’s expenses).
  • Statement that patient escorted by at least one nurse (recommended to be escorted by a doctor).
  • Clear description of complete address at embarkation & destination.
  • Clear description of patient’s date and place of birth.
  • Passport number and nationality of patient are needed for those who is traveling on international flight.
  • Complete a Form of Indemnity.
  • It is advisable to reserve seats at least 3 working days prior to flight departure.

To fulfill the above requirement demanded by Garuda Indonesia, Garuda Sentra Medika (GSM) offers the following service of :

  • Medical Information (Medif) which describes Garuda Indonesia’s physician approval of transporting sick passenger.
  • O2 Bottle
  • Through Medical Check-up

For further information please contact
GSM, Jl. Angkasa Blok B-15 Kav 1, Kemayoran, Central Jakarta Phone 021-4241000 or Fax 021-4243227, 4240204.

Unaccompanied Minor (UM) Passenger

A customer who is considered Unaccompanied Minor is a 12 year old child who is traveling alone / unaccompanied by a passenger of who is fully capable of taking care of the child during the entire trips, including during change of aircraft, check-in formalities, customs etc.

Unaccompanied minors are accepted by Garuda Indonesia and others Carriers provided they are from 7 until 12 years of age.

UM who are accepted for travel under the following conditions :

  • UM must be in good and healthy conditions.
  • Booking include a stopover but not with an overnight stay which means valid only from departure airport to destination airport (No Dispatch Service).
  • Must possess valid travel document, passport, health certificate, visa, etc

Expectant Mothers

Conditions for Acceptance of Expectant Mothers :

Travelling with Infants

Garuda Indonesia provides special assistance for new born babies who are accepted for travel under the following conditions:

  • Babies under 7 days old, Not recommended for air travel.
  • Babies between 7 days – 2 years old, Can be accepted provided that he/she is escorted by one adult passenger, medical clearance not required.
  • Premature babies, Premature babies shall be considered as MEDA (Medical Data) and is handled as Incapacitated Passenger.

Baby Bassinet

  • Baby bassinet and baby meal for mother carrying baby are available on Garuda Wide Body Aircraft are provide freely. It must be requested well in advance.
  • As limited numbers of cradle available on each aircraft, cradle uses base on first come first serve. Check-in staff must inform the passenger regarding the limited numbers of cradle.
  • The cradles are suitable for infants with a maximum weight of 9 kg.
  • During take off, landing and whenever the fasten seat belt sign is on then the baby must held on the lap of the mother.

Special Meals

Passenger have special dietary requirement due to medical and religious reason, Please let us know in advance at least 24 Hours before flight departure through Garuda Indonesia reservation office and we will do all possible to provide you requested. The following is the special meal offering on board.

Transit Passenger & Connecting Passenger

Standard Minimum Connecting Time(MCT) untuk seluruh domestik dan international :

GA to GA (Except From / To MEA)
• International to International : 1 Hour / 60 Minutes
• Domestic to Domestic : 45 Minutes
• Domestic to International : 2 Hours / 120 Minutes
• International to Domestic : 1.5 Hours / 90 Minutes
GA to Other Airline
• International to Domestic : 3 Hours / 180 Minutes
• Domestic to International : 3 Hours / 180 Minutes
• International to International : 2 Hours / 120 Minutes
Other Airline to GA
• International to Domestic : 3 Hours / 180 Minutes
• Domestic to Internation : 3 Hours / 180 Minutes
• International to International : 2 Hours / 120 Minutes
GA to GA From / To MEA Sector
• International(MEA) to Domestic : 4 Hours / 240 Minutes
• Domestic to Internation(MEA) : 4 Hours / 240 Minutes
• International to International : 4 Hours / 240 Minutes